About Us

At Gadget Wave HQ, our mission is simple yet impactful: to safeguard your home and loved ones with top-tier security solutions without breaking the bank. We understand the paramount importance of feeling safe within your own space, which is why we're dedicated to offering a wide range of high-quality home security products at affordable prices.

By partnering with excellent manufacturers in places like Germany, Japan and South Korea, we are able to provide quality home security systems that meet stringent standards of excellence at an affordable price. Whether you're seeking smart surveillance cameras or lighting solutions, we're committed to providing the peace of mind you deserve without compromise. 

We're proud to provide products from quality brands such as iCsee, Tuya and BeyondBright. We are working hard to provide products from more well known home security brands such as Cove, Vico and Brinks Home. See why we have over 1,000 happy customers and take control of your home security today!


FCC Grant Of Equipment Authorization

The grant of equipment authorization is an official approval issued by regulatory bodies, such as the FCC in the United States, permitting electronic devices to be sold or used in a specific region.

This authorization ensures that devices comply with set standards for electromagnetic interference, safety, and functionality. Manufacturers must submit detailed technical information and test reports to demonstrate their devices' compliance before receiving this authorization.

Once granted, the authorization allows the lawful distribution and operation of the approved equipment within the designated jurisdiction.


Certification Of Conformity

Certification of conformity is a declaration by a manufacturer that their product complies with established standards and regulations. It involves rigorous testing, documentation, and adherence to specific requirements set by regulatory bodies.

Once a product successfully meets these criteria, the manufacturer issues a certificate affirming its conformity, assuring consumers and authorities that the product is safe, reliable, and meets all necessary standards.

This certification is crucial for market access, demonstrating compliance with legal and technical specifications.

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